One of the many joys of photography is the opportunity to see family members connect to each other. Here is a father's loving tribute to his daughter when seeing her dance portrait:

To my daughter: I am humbled, in awe and truly without words; to my friends and associates, thank you from the bottom of my heart in following, supporting and uplifting this unspeakably awesome young woman.   So difficult to capture the breadth of her, to capture the full beauty of her walk in faith, but truly God placed her on this earth to capture the hearts of others - mission just beginning; and to Society: pay attention, appreciate, value and support the generations of all ages, they are humanity's saving grace.   Love you dear - stay focused on the walk!

P.S. To Mark Steelman: to recognize the opportunity, visualize the subject, sense the moment, know the deeper possibility for humanity - that is a gift beyond measure.  Also, so glad you shared this moment with my daughter! I await the next breathless moment! A classic that will definitely live on!