Artwork for Dance Portraits



As a portrait artist, I strive to produce beautiful works of art that you consider family heirlooms and are proud to display in your home.   


My clients consider artwork as investments in their family and believe them to be of great value when considering the lifetime of joy their portraits bring them.   


Here are the items parents and dancers love the most:




Canvas Wall Art and Frameable Prints (11"x 14" and larger)



Nothing shows a child they are loved more than seeing their portrait on the wall of their home.   


Our wall art  is designed to be appreciated and enjoyed for years to come, and many clients treat these images as important additions to their family history collection. 


One of our favorite products is the Canvas Wrap Block, where your image is printed on a satin finish canvas and hand-sprayed with a UV coating before being wrapped around a hollow, inflexible solid surface base.   


This solid surface is much more durable than the typical canvas stretched on a frame. 


For more modern decor, we offer a Floating Canvas, where the edges of the image do not touch the wall, making the art appear to float.   


For a more traditional decor, we have beautiful Prints that can be mounted or matted - ready for framing.     




Your dance images printed on canvas will look awesome!  


Isabella CanvasIsabella Canvas







Window Presentation Folio 

11 x 14



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The Window Presentation Folio is a stunning way to display your heritage images.    The fine box is made from a solid timber construction that has been sanded & painted multiple times and finished in either Gloss White, Matte Black or a Sandy Oak veneer.   

The inside is lined with a plush black felt and holds your presentation easel.   It features chrome hinges and a lift out ribbon to assist with the removal of your professionally edited images.   

The stand out is the recessed glass window lid which allows for the top image to be showcased. The base of the box is also felt lined to prevent scratching surfaces that it’s placed on.



Matted Presentation Folio 

(8 x 10)  




A Matted Presentation Folio is a special way to store and display your fine-art prints.     Select your favorite images from our session, and they will be fully edited, so you look stunning! 


The folio box is made from a solid timber base and lined with a plush black felt.     Prints are inserted into an 8 x 10 mat, which makes it easy to frame or display.    


The beautiful box reflects the value you place on the important artwork inside, and makes it easy to select and rotate prints in holders or frames.     






Mounted Presentation Folio  

8 x 10




This is the Mounted Presentation Folio.    Your beautiful 8x10 prints are mounted on a hardback surface to keep them from warping, and they can be displayed in the custom easel for an incredible presentation.         




Image Folio


The Image Folio is designed as a high-end booklet, perfect for a desktop, bookshelf or coffee table.  These offer a polished way to feature your gorgeous images.   


You select the images, layout, and cover design for a unique, custom folio.    These make wonderful gifts!  

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Curved Metal Print


Want something very special for your desk, shelf or tabletop?   Curved metal prints are infused with vibrant colors, brilliant luminescence, and exceptional detail.   


They are curved into a convex or concave form for a free-standing display.






LR-8162LR-8162Curved metal print




Digital Package  


The real value and beauty of these fine portraits are best reflected in printed materials, such as wall art, albums, metal prints, etc.   


Digital files don't do justice to the significance of what your dancer has achieved. 


We do offer, them, however, as an a' la carte "proof set" package, or selected images as an addition to the purchase of a Dance Portrait Collection.   


Digital files print up to 8" x 10".      



3D Crystal Block


The 3D Crystal is a stunning product that makes the dancer appear in three dimensions.     


Laser photo crystal engraving fuses the art of photography with the advanced 3D laser crystal engraving technology.


The results are images that are permanently etched inside the crystal block.   


These are typically presented on an LED light stand for optimal effect, and displayed on a desk or shelf.     







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