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The best way to describe a dance portrait session?   


"An incredible experience with stunning images."  



Boost Confidence

Dance portraits are the perfect way to showcase your dancer's beauty, talent, and determination!   I am honored to have met so many young dancers who commit themselves to this art form, and want to capture their skills as they advance.


A portfolio of incredible images is the best way to boost their confidence and self esteem, and inspire them to excel in their journey!

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Creating great images with perfect poses and leaps requires a collaboration between the dancer, the dance instructor and the photographer. 


We all work together in my professional studio, and use advanced cameras, lenses, lighting, and creative backdrops and props. 


The dance instructor is looking at images (on a large monitor) as they are taken, and is able to provide immediate posing feedback.


All of this ensures we get unique and powerful images that reflect your personal best!     


Enjoy this tour of the studio and go behind the scenes of a portrait session!   




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Besides Studio Portraits, we also go on location to get great images!

Enjoy this video of Isabella's portraits, taken at various locations in Wilmington.  







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Dancers who come to my portrait studio often want to try some leaps and jumps. And when we break out the fabrics, it gets even more exciting!   Enjoy the video! 



Leaps and Fabrics





"Mark, this is fantastic!!   How much does this cost?"


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Dance Portrait Sessions Cost


Our clients are people who appreciate their family and seek quality and value with regard to artwork to honor their loved ones.   


Mark Steelman Photography is a custom portrait studio.   We offer various session prices, starting with our Enchanted Garden Session at $295. 


During our initial meeting, we can decide which type of session is right for you -  depending on the dancer's age and skill, how many costume changes and background changes are desired, your  artistic goals (such as with props or fabric), what types of products are desired (wall art, folios, prints, digital files), and your budget.   


Check our session prices here.


Contact Mark for for special session prices and discounts, and watch for announcements from your dance school !!



Artwork Cost


What you spend is up to you - a minimum purchase is not required.    Most parents, however, see the great lifetime value of their images, and spend anywhere from $500 - $1600 on the stunning artwork we produce.   We also bundle our most popular products to save you money.     


We review the detailed cost of our products and multiple options during our initial studio meeting, and look at ways to save you money.       


Check out our featured artwork here.


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"Mark, this sounds great!!   What do I need to do first?"




The dance portrait session is a very special experience for your dancer.    Most parents say tell me they have never had a more positive and affirming creative experience than with us.    


There are three simple steps:


1.   Call or email Mark to schedule a visit to the studio - this is where we talk about backdrops, costumes, poses, and the artwork that you may want.  


2.   Schedule your Portrait Session - we are very flexible and can do your session most any day, morning, afternoon or evening


3.   Come back to view your proof images a few days after the session - this is where we look carefully at your images and compare them to select the very best ones for your artwork. 



Link to:  More details on the process



Mark Steelman is the premier dance photographer in the Wilmington area.   He is the principal photographer for the US International Ballet and the Thalian Association Community Theatre. 


Check out his photos to support the article about the US International Ballet in Salt Magazine!  


Portraits are taken in studio at 5552 Carolina Beach Road, or on location.   


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