Making Great Photos – Digital Photography Basics Workshop

Instructor:    Mark Steelman


Location:         Hanna Block Community Arts Center, 120 S. Second Street, downtown Wilmington

Dates:              Tuesdays: Jan 9, Jan 16, Jan 23, Jan 30, Feb 6, Feb 13, 2018

Time:               7-9 pm

Cost:                $165.00     ($145.00 if registered and paid by December 31, 2017)   Class is limited to 8 students, to provide time for individual attention




Email:   [email protected]     Phone: 919-604-6917


Tentative Schedule  of workshop topics


SESSION 1:    Basic DSLR Camera Concepts, Accessories and Operation

Full Frame; Crop Sensor; Sensor Cleaning;  Lenses;  Tripod/Monopod;  Triggers;  Recording Media;  Light Meter; Exposure  Concepts: Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, 18% gray;  Table of Standard Apertures; Exposure Increments and Stops; Shooting Modes;  Focus Modes;  Exposure modes; White Balance; Exposure Compensation; Exposure lock


SESSION 2:     Flash Concepts and Flash Modifiers

On Camera Flash; Off Camera Flash; Speedlights; Strobes; Light fall off: Inverse Square Law;  Flash temperature; Flash sync speed; High speed sync; First Curtain, Second Curtain; Modifiers:  softbox, umbrella, snoot, diffuser, reflector; Flash Modes;  Flash exposure compensation; Flash triggers (cell, IR, radio); Gels


SESSION 3:   Composition and Posing

Selection of Lens; Posing people; Rule of thirds; isolating the subject; Depth of Field; practice with live model


SESSION 4:    Processing and enhancing your photos

Basics of Lightroom:  color temp, cropping, exposure level, gradient, lens distortion, adjustment brushes, chromatic aberration, export

Basics of Photoshop: layers, selection tools, layer mask


SESSION 5:    Digital Tricks and Techniques

Multi – exposure (composite); Panoramic; Benziger method; High Dynamic Range – tone mapping; Portrait retouching; focus stacking


SESSION 6:    Photo critique  – review submissions by class participants