I am a regular contributing photographer to Salt Magazine, Wilma Magazine, the Greater Wilmington Business Journal, North Brunswick Magazine, and Cape Fear Living Magazine.    My photos have also appeared in Encore Magazine, and Landfall Living Magazine.    Here is a sample of my published photos.  Each will link to an edition of the magazine.


South Brunswick Magazine, Winter 2016-2017:  A Hippie Heart

North Brunswick Magazine, Winter 2017: Southern Skaters

North Brunswick Magazine, Winter, 2017:   Cover photo

North Brunswick Magazine, Winter, 2017:   I Do!

North Brunswick Magazine, Fall 2016:  The Comfort of Home

North Brunswick Magazine, Fall 2016:   Bright Ideas

Salt Magazine, October 2016:   The Great Escape

North Brunswick Magazine, Summer 2016: Plastic Ocean Project

North Brunswick Magazine, Summer 2016: Art Utopia

Salt Magazine, July 2016:  The Evolution of an Art Director

Salt Magazine, June 2016:   Hydrangea Madness

Salt Magazine, May 2016:  Fussing Over Roses

Salt Magazine, May 2016:  The Shadow Knows

Salt Magazine, April 2016: A Fresh Perspective

South Brunswick Magazine, Winter 2015-2016:   Beach Beginnings

North Brunswick Magazine, Winter 2015: Big Things Poppin'

Salt Magazine, November 2015:   Cover

Salt Magazine, November 2015:  Great Harvest Meal Challenge

North Brunswick Magazine Fall 2015:  Find Your Hoppy Place

North Brunswick Magazine Fall 2015:  Chilled and Grilled

Salt Magazine October 2015: True Southern Flavor

Salt Magazine October 2015:  The Fake Brothers

Salt Magazine Sept 2015:  Paradise Found

Salt Magazine Sept 2015:  Cover photo

Salt Magazine August 2015:  Greenfield Lake

Salt Magazine July 2015:  The King with a Queen's Voice

Salt Magazine June 2015:  Cover Photo

Salt Magazine June 2015:  Muses of the Cape Fear

Salt Magazine May 2015:  Happiness Made by Hand

Salt Magazine May 2015:  The Bloom Room

Salt Magazine May 2015:  Man of the People

Salt Magazine April 2015:  Demeter's Garden

Salt Magazine March 2015:  Cover Photo

Salt Magazine March 2015: Half a Century Ago (Profile of Vietnam Veterans)

Salt Magazine February 2015:  The Real Arthur Newman

Salt Magazine February 2015: The Art of Romance

Salt Magazine February 2015:  Cover

Salt Magazine January 2015:  Understated Guy

Salt Magazine January 2015:  The Well-Grounded Education of Evan Folds

Salt Magazine December 2014:  Our Lady of the Brine

Salt Magazine December 2014:  The Man Who Made Dreams Come True

Salt Magazine December 2014:  The Singing Sisters of Flying Pi

Salt Magazine November 2014: Gem of A Job

Salt Magazine October 2014: Growing Forward

Salt Magazine October 2014: Luv2Play

Salt Magazine September 2014: The Gathering Place

Salt Magazine September 2014: Between Heaven and Hell

Salt Magazine September 2014: The Backyard Botanist

Salt Magazine August 2014:   King of the Jungle

Salt Magazine July 2014:  Pure Garden Enchantment

Salt Magazine June 2014: The World According to Laurence Sprunt

Salt Magazine June 2014: The Thankful Gardener

Salt Magazine May 2014:  The Deep Rooted Garden

Salt Magazine April 2014: The Garden Life

Salt Magazine April 2014: The Fiery Angel

Salt Magazine April 2014: Queen of the Keyboard

Salt Magazine March 2014:  The Art of the Jester

Salt Magazine March 2014: Zumba Virgin

Salt Magazine January 2014:  Sketch-22

Salt Magazine January 2014:  Sally's Garden

Salt Magazine December 2013:  A Cactus Story

Salt Magazine December 2013:  9 Ladies Dancing and 10 Lords a-Leaping

Salt Magazine November 2013:  High Flying Greetings

Salt Magazine November 2013:  Reborn in a Barn

Salt Magazine October 2013:  A Waltz with Mark Basquill

Salt Magazine October 2013:   These Hallowed Grounds

Salt Magazine September 2013: The Secret Garden of Forest Hills

Salt Magazine September 2013:  The Spider and the Meatball

Salt Magazine August 2013:  One for the Kids

Salt Magazine July 2013:   Trees of Life